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Sacred Sweetgrass Braid

Sacred Sweetgrass Braid

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Also known as holy grass, sweetgrass is considered one of the four sacred herbs of Indigenous Peoples and is used in traditional ceremonies to promote peace and healing. The leaves are dried by the sun, made into braids, and the sweet natural vanilla aroma of this grass can be burned as incense or used to scent everything from linen closets to candles and bath salts. Burning sweetgrass is said to purify and clear objects, places and people.

Ingredients: 1 packaged Canadian Sweetgrass Braid. 10-12g/braid, approx. 28-30 inches long or 60 cm. This product is Vegan.

Directions for use as a smudge:

Place sweetgrass in the bottom of an abalone shell or other heat resistant dish, it is also wise to add a little sand for insulation. Ignite the braid, blow out flame and it will release a cloud of white, purifying smoke.