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Did you know?

Did you know....

  • It is common to see products labelled "natural", but they still contain artificial and chemical colors and fragrances.  We use only pure essential oils for our scents, our colors are sourced from plant roots, foliage or seeds, or various clays and activated charcoal.
  • Phthalates are present in most cosmetics and body care products we purchase from big box retail stores.  These chemicals, which are linked to endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and cancer, have been banned from cosmetics in the European Union, but still remain prevalent in many products available in Canada and U.S.  They act as a binding agent, but are also used to make plastic softer.  Phthalates have been found in up to 80% of breast cancer cells and products that list “fragrance” on the label should be avoided to prevent possible exposure to Phthalates.
  • The words "Fragrance Oils" and "Parfum" are ingredient catch words that can be used to represent many chemicals.  "Benzaldehyde" and "Benzyl Acetate" are 2 of the 100 different chemicals that can be hidden under the ingredient label "fragrance", 95% of which are derived from petroleum by-products.
  • Commercially made soap bars are not called soap because they are not really soap (a combination of lye and fatty acids).  They are made with synthetic detergents and often have other undesirable chemicals such as fillers, petroleum by-products, artificial fragrances, colorants, harsh preservatives or other chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.  These ingredients can strip skin of precious moisture and oils creating dry skin that requires lotion to help soothe and restore moisture. 
Most commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerin from the soap, process it, and then sell it to other other industries where it is used in pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, and other products.  Glycerin is a humectant, which means that it helps to attract and retain moisture on your skin.  Often, commercially made bars will crack as they dry out, which is another indication of the effects they have on your skin.
In contrast, our handmade soap is made in small batches that retains the natural glycerin.  Our soap contains oils and butters that have been carefully selected for their skin-nourishing benefits.  Added botanicals provide natural colors, soothing properties or help to exfoliate dead skin cells.  Essential oils lightly scent our soap and provide aroma therapeutic properties.  The final product is a mild soap that cleans without stripping your skin of precious moisture and its natural protective oils.
So try one of our all natural handcrafted products and see if you notice a difference!