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About us

We are a husband and wife team who handcraft all natural, high quality, bath and body care products that are free from artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals.  The ingredients we use are carefully selected for their nourishing, soothing and cleansing abilities.

We are often asked how we started this business.  So here is our story.... In 2006 we became concerned about the chemicals in our skin care products, and the adverse effects these chemicals were having on ourselves, our family, and friends.  We decided to start with changing our soap.  We went to several craft markets and looked at some of the handmade soaps.  Unfortunately, we noticed that some of these vendors were still using artificial colors and synthetic fragrances, meaning, more chemicals.  After extensive research, we decided to make our own soap using a blend of natural and organic ingredients with essential oils.  For our first batch of soap, we used an empty 1L milk carton as our mold and scented it with lavender essential oil and managed to create a successful batch!  We gave our soaps as Christmas gifts to family and friends that year.  To our excitement, they loved the soap and wanted to know if we would start selling it.  By word of mouth we soon had many new customers, this meant an increase in milk consumption since we had to destroy the cartons after each batch of soap.  It was time to invest in an actual soap mold and we decided to expand our product line to include all natural lip balm and deodorant.  Today, we continue to experiment with different natural and organic ingredients and have created many new products for ourselves and our customers.

We recently acquired our own honey bees and now use the honey and beeswax in some of our products!

We hope you enjoy using our all natural products as much as we enjoy creating them.

Sterling and Mike                                                                                                                   

Forest Green Naturals
Metcalfe (Ottawa), Ontario